Trail Snails

Amidst protests, junk status, ISIS using chemical weapons, Pepsi ads, the word “offended” - the world seems to be going crazy! Yet nature remains the same old nature – not giving a shit about anything but being beautiful through destruction and peace.

Where do we go to escape all of this? My advice is take a slow long trail run.

We know that trail running is growing, we know it’s therapeutic – to some... but if you love running you know how great it is to hit trails; and if you a runner but have never hit the trails, please do. I will list a few issues with road... problems you wont find on trails, based on my personal experience. I hit the roads at least twice a week for my speed work and 90% of the time something will happen.

1. You in a great rhythm climbing that hill... and you look up to see the traffic light change to red. Rhythm is gone, lactic acid kicks in and the guy in his car is having a good laugh at you struggling to breathe

2. You seem to be invisible to pedestrians as they refuse to move out your way.

3. Cars seem to have you as a 10 point hit system, your dodging car skills need to be on point!

4. You're running tempo, you greedy with the oxygen, smashing those lungs full... until oxygen is mixed with a wonderful sewerage taste and smell – another burst sewerage pipe.

Out on the trails... none of these problems occur.

Recently I found myself on a slow 3hr trail run, climbing a mountain... now you might not find this therapeutic, but I was dying, legs were on fire, lungs seemed to have shrunk the higher I climbed, my bag with my water bottles broke and it looked like I had a green monkey beating the crap out of me with every step. I reached the top of the summit and man was it beautiful!! My pain in my legs, lungs, back (from my green monkey bag beating me) all seemed to have disappeared. It was well needed after a rough week with car problems, people problems and world problems. It was just me... a green monkey bag and nature.

If you feeling down and out, don’t wallow in it... go find that release, hit a slow long trail run – enjoy it and find the answers you need!

Jason Friedman... a dude that loves mountains.