GEM Trail Series have six events all around South Africas picturesque senery.

Maropeng - Krugersdorp

24 June 2017 - Maropeng

Irene Market at Smuts House

12 August 2017 - Smuts House Irene

Irene Market at Smuts House

25 November 2017 - Smuts House Irene

Previous Events

Route Info

7km Route at Irene Market

13km Route at Irene Market

Event Paperwork

Indemnity Form

Each athlete needs to complete this form and birng it to the registration are at the event. Each athlete needs to bring their own form.

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Only Individual entries is available. There are no team entries available as yet. The next GEM Trail Series takes place on 11 March 2017 and will consist of two distances:6km and 12km. Each distance will have its own route and unique typography. Each will start off at 30 minute increments after each other, starting with the 12km race. Saturday will consist of the trail run, market and entertainment. You can go running while your family enjoys the market. Craft beer and craft food will be on the menu and served to fill the whole family. GEM trail series is all about family and fun. The entire day will bring the whole family together to have a filled day outdoors.
The first step to competing at GEM trail series is to secure an entry. Trail running is an extremely popular sport at the moment and we don’t want you to be disappointed when all entries is sold out. All entries into the event are done through this website by simply clicking on the ENTER NOW tab and choose the event in which you want to compete. All athletes will be required to create an online profile before signing up to compete at an event. If you already have a profile, make sure to use the same email address and profile as the previous time. Enter Now
GEM is open to professional and amateur trail running participants. To be eligible to compete, participants must be at least 12 years old on 31 December of the year of the event. GEM trail series is an open to athletes from all countries. It is every athlete’s responsibility to ensure that they arrive at the start of the event with the necessary fitness level and knowledge of the sport of trail running to participate.

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